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Beware, drunk!

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  • Sequence of movement

    The index finger of the dominant hand draws a fast zigzag line on the back of the person. This starts with a downward line on the left shoulder blade, is then drawn to the right half of the back and ends in a diagonal line on the left side of the lower back. The movement resembles a flash of lightning. Then the index and middle fingers of the performing hand are placed where the previous sign ended (here: left side of the lower back) and are led up the spine in a serpentine movement as if a person was walking with a staggering motion.

    Shape of hand

    Zeigefinger ausgestreckt.
    Zeigefinger und Mittelfinger ausgestreckt und gespreizt.


    Area of Use


IS: Beware, drunk!

Beware, drunk! (IS)

Passing on information that a person who is passing by is [possibly] drunk.


Beware, your counterpart is very drunk.