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change of subject

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  • Sequence of movement

    Thumb and index finger form a kind of C. Now draw a rectangle, which is supposed to represent the subject (based on the DGS gesture), on the back. To do this, place the fingertips of these C-fingers on the middle of the back of the person being addressed, so that both hands are almost touching. In a flowing movement, one now pulls both hands outward, keeping the C-shape of the fingers. Once outside, the fingertips of the thumb and index finger are brought together to close the rectangle. This is followed by the sign for the change: For this, the fingers of both hands are closed into a loose fist, with the index finger remaining extended in each case. Now place both index fingers horizontally and with the back of the hand on the back of the person being addressed. Place your hands so that the left index finger is on the upper part between the shoulder blades and the right index finger is on the lower part between the shoulder blades. In a rotating motion, both index fingers are moved simultaneously so that the left index finger moves downward in an outward semicircle and the right index finger moves upward in an outward semicircle. Both fingers thus swap positions.

    Shape of hand

    Daumen und Zeigefinger formen ein "C".
    Zeigefinger ausgestreckt.


    Area of use


IS: change of subject

change of subject(IS)

Changing the subject in a conversation.


Now the topic of sports is being discussed.