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good evening

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  • Sequence of Movement

    With the flat hands, alternately tap rhythmically on the upper back (shoulder blade of the respective side). Then the hands perform a wiping movement. At the start of the movement, the backs of the hands lie flat on the shoulder blades with the fingertips facing upwards. The hands are now turned to the right or left so that the fingertips move towards the middle and the hands lie horizontally on the back after a 90 degree movement. This movement is similar to the gesture for "evening".

    Shape of hand

    Flache, ausgestreckte Hand. Die Finger locker abgespreizt.
    Flache, ausgestreckte Hand. Finger eng beisammen, Daumen locker abgespreizt.


    Area of Use


IS: good evening

good evening (IS)

Wishing someone a good time of day at dusk before dark, greeting.


I wish you a good evening!