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  • Sequence of movement

    The thumb and index finger of the right hand form a kind of C. The fingertips of both fingers are now placed parallel to each other on the inner right shoulder blade of the person being addressed and the hand is pulled down vertically. The movement ends approximately at the end of the shoulder blade. Then change the shape of the hand and draw a small horizontal line with the index finger to the far right. The starting point of this stroke is the center of the previously drawn right vertical stroke. In a third step, form the hand into a loose flat hand with slightly spread fingers. Place the hand on the right shoulder blade and make small wrist movements to the right and left (this symbolizes a waving movement).

    Shape of hand

    Daumen und Zeigefinger formen ein "C".
    Zeigefinger ausgestreckt.
    Flache, ausgestreckte Hand. Die Finger locker abgespreizt.

    Area of use


IS: farewell

farewell (IS)

The separation from someone or something.


I bid farewell to my dog.