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kitchen roll

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IS: kitchen roll

kitchen roll (IS)

Denotes a special absorbent paper that is pre-perforated and sold rolled up on cardboard rolls.


Can you hand me the kitchen towel? I spilled some water.

  • Sequence of Movement

    One forms a flat hand that is angled so that the tip of the thumb is on top of the middle finger. With the back of the hand you now move on the back of the addressed person at shoulder blade level from left to right over to the inside of the left shoulder blade. At the end of this line, a hanging sheet of kitchen paper is added. To do this, you retain the shape of the hand, but open and close it briefly in a small grasping movement and then pull the hand away in a curve past the inside of the shoulder blade to the outside and down. This symbolizes the sheet of paper that you grasp and tear off.

    Area of Use