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shower curtain

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  • Sequence of Movement

    A straight line is drawn up from the lower right costal arch to the shoulder blade with the index finger, ending at the upper end with a curve to the left towards the middle of the back. This represents the shower bar. From the end point of this line, approximately in the upper middle between the shoulder blades, all fingertips of the right hand are tapped on the back one after the other from top right to bottom left with the fingertips. This movement imitates the water drops. This is followed by another movement that imitates the curtain. This is done by wiping with the right flat hand once from right to left over the upper back.

    Shape of hand

    Zeigefinger ausgestreckt.
    Flache, ausgestreckte Hand. Die Finger locker abgespreizt.
    Flache, ausgestreckte Hand. Finger eng beisammen, Daumen locker abgespreizt.

    Area of Use


IS: shower curtain

shower curtain (IS)

A partition between the shower and bathroom to prevent water to drip on the floor.


Please close the shower curtain while you shower!