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  • Sequence of Movement

    Use your hand to form a pipette handle with the tip of your thumb and index finger almost touching and all other fingers spread away. The distance between the fingertips is about two centimeters. The fingertips of both thumbs and index fingers are now placed on the upper back of the person being addressed, between the shoulder blades. In a flowing movement, both hands are pulled outward in a semicircle, with the fingertips of the thumb and index finger of each hand gradually approaching and meeting at the end of the movement. Through this movement one draws a sausage on the back.

    Shape of hand

    Daumen und Zeigefinger formen ein "C".



    Area of Use


IS: sausage

sausage (IS)

Product made of minced meat and spices, which is stuffed into (artificial) casings.


I like sausage especially for breakfast.