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  • Sequence of movement

    On the back of the person being addressed, use both hands to form a rectangle symbolizing the chocolate bar. This is done by using both hands and placing the tip of the thumb and index finger on the outer left shoulder blade. The fingertips of the right hand are now pulled apart so that an imaginary vertical line is formed. Then pull the hand to the right so that two parallel horizontal lines are drawn on the back. In the meantime, the thumb and index finger of the left hand are also pulled apart slightly and the vertical line is drawn at approximately the same place as the first line. The left hand remains there as a placeholder. The right hand, which has drawn the horizontal lines up to the beginning of the right shoulder blade, now draws another vertical line at its end by bringing the thumb and index finger tips closer together again. The rectangle symbolizing the chocolate bar is now ready. Now form the right hand into a loose, slightly bent flat hand. Place the back of the hand on the right end of the chocolate bar and pull it out and down in a small semicircular motion. This looks something like breaking a bar off the chocolate bar.

    Shape of hand

    Daumen und Zeigefinger formen ein "C".
    Flache, ausgestreckte Hand. Finger eng beisammen, Daumen locker abgespreizt.


    Area of use


IS: chocolate

chocolate (IS)

A food and luxury good whose essential ingredients are cocoa products and types of sugar, and in the case of milk chocolate, also milk products.


I especially like dark chocolate.