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  • Sequence of movement

    The hand is formed into a kind of A-hand sign. Here, all fingers are bent and the thumb rests on the side of the index finger. The shape of the hand is similar to the one you have when you hold a spoon. In the middle of the upper back of the person being addressed, one now makes several small circular hand movements, with the tip of the thumb or the middle bone joint of the index finger brushing across the back. The movement is performed from right to left in a downward (and upward open) semicircle.

    Shape of hand

    Daumen liegt auf dem locker angewinkelten Zeigefinger, die restlichen Finger bilden eine Faust.



    Area of use


IS: spoon

spoon (IS)

An eating utensil, with which soups or other liquid foods can be eaten.


I need a spoon to eat my soup.