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  • Sequence of movement

    The index and middle fingers are spread to form a V, but both fingers are slightly bent, as if you wanted to hook them somewhere. All other fingers are bent. Now place the hand formed in this way with the back of the hand at the level of the elbow on the arm of the person being addressed, so that the fingers point downward. The hand formed in this way is now slowly pulled vertically upwards to about the middle of the upper arm. Stop there briefly and then perform a short, quick movement upwards, during which you dissolve the V-shape and bring the index and middle fingers together.

    Shape of hand

    Mittel-, Ring- und kleiner Finger bilden eine lockere Faust; Zeige- und Mittelfinger sind ausgestreckt, aber im Mittelgelenk geknickt/angewinkelt; Handrücken zeigt nach außen
    Daumen ausgestreckt, die anderen Finger liegen locker auf.


    Area of use


IS: champagne

champagne (IS)

A sparkling beverage made from wine, available for purchase with alcohol or alcohol-free.


We toast your birthday with champagne.