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  • Sequence of movement

    The hand is formed into a kind of A-hand. All fingers are bent and the thumb rests on the side of the index finger. This is not bent quite as tightly and tightly as the other fingers. The hand shape is similar to the one you have when you peel a banana. Now place the hand lightly against the upper arm of the person being addressed, below the shoulder, with about the middle bones of the fingers. Three vertical downward movements follow, each with the same starting point. In the first movement, one pulls the hand slightly forward downward, in the second straight vertically downward, and in the third slightly vertically backward downward.

    Shape of hand

    Daumen liegt auf dem locker angewinkelten Zeigefinger, die restlichen Finger bilden eine Faust.



    Area of use


IS: banana

banana (IS)

Elongated, curved, yellow fruit of the tropics, harvested in large bunches.


I like to buy organic bananas.